Conference Calling Gives You a Big Bang for Your Buck

We all belong to lots of different groups, such as families, in-laws, high school alumni or buddies from summer camp. By being in a group, we share something in common with the rest of the members of the group – we might have the same profession or we might be interested in the same subject, have the same employer, or sell the same products.

We also belong to groups with less tangible things in common – we are lonely, we are new in town, we are looking for self-improvement, we are looking for something in our lives.

Because we have groups of people, we have ways of bringing those groups together. Conference calling is a fast growing way to connect the members of all these different groups together for discussion, for business, for networking, for education, and for inspiration.

Business Use

Businesses, not surprisingly, were the first to utilize conference calling. Large companies with offices around the country or even the world can use conference calling to keep managers in touch with the home office and with each other. Conference calling can enable members of project team’s houses in different locations to stay in close touch. Conference calling is also used to include telecommuting members of the workforce to participate in staff meetings.

Salespeople use video and web conferencing to conduct sales presentations. These forms of conference allow the use of visuals.

Commercial enterprises use conference calling in all sorts of ways. Singles and dating services use conference calling to connect groups of people for chat lines. These chat lines are a form of conference calling where the cost is charged back to the caller, and the lines are open for callers to come and go during the same conference call.


Other commercial companies conduct conference call workshops. These conference calls allow callers to listen in to a presentation conducted by one or more people, along with a moderator. It is a cost effective way to provide top quality speakers to a large audience.

Non-profit organizations also use conference calling to provide information presentations to their constituents on medical issues, lobbying, self-advocacy, and fundraising.


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