Audio Conference Calling: The Sound of Successful Business

Due to advancements in technology, the term conference calling must be specified. There have become new forms of this old technique for connecting businesses together. Two of the most common forms of conference calling are audio and visual.

Previously, conference calls were implied to be just in audio form. A group of people would call a common number and they would be connected together. With video conference calling, you can see who it is you’re talking to. Is this an advantage, however, or a disadvantage?

For many people, the old form of conference calling is still preferred over the newer video conference call. The reasons why may surprise you.

Business Meetings

In a conference call, people are able to meet together even if they are cities, states or nations apart. For years, businesses have used audio conference calling to report sales figures, relay the latest news and information and to merely keep in touch with different offices or division of a particular company, to monitor how each person is doing. Audio conference calling allows people to converse, discuss, and ask questions in real time without having to be in the same room.

Party Lines

Audio conference calling isn’t just used in business, however. Audio conference calls are used for social reasons as well. You’ve probably seen an advertisement for a party line. This is where people of like minds and interests use audio conference calling to get together socially without having to worry about distance and proximity. This is a great way for people to meet others from all over the world. It brings people together who normally wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for audio conference calling.

Audio vs. Video

With advancements in video technology, there now exists video conference calling. Still, many people still prefer audio to visual when it comes to making their conference call. In business, with audio conference calling, a person can make the call from home, in their pajamas, at the store with their children, anywhere. A person doesn’t have to worry about being presentable.

The information is the same, after all. Plus, many people think that video conference calling brings the possibility of undue judgment or prejudice, just because of what the person looks like. With audio conference calling, however, the information is relayed and business is conducted professionally, the way it should be.

Many people who use party lines also prefer audio conference calling to the video counterpart. With audio conference calls, the person can be anyone they want to be. They don’t have to worry about being good-looking or well dressed. They can just be themselves and they end up being much more comfortable and, therefore, much more susceptible to make friends.

With video conference calling, party lines become completely different entities. A person who is not good looking or well dressed is likely to be judged more harshly on video conference calling. For those who aren’t as blessed as others, this is the main attraction to audio conference calling. They might not be as socially accepted in real life and the audio conference calling allows them to break the norms of society and become who they want to become.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to audio and visual conference calling. The truth is, however, that people will continue to use audio conference calling for their business, social or other needs.

Audio conference calls allow people to be themselves without being judged and it keeps the focus on the information being relayed. That, after all, is the purpose of any conference call.




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