Utilizing a Cheap Conference Call for Your Next Meeting

In today's marketing world, being more cost effective not only saves money for your company, but in the long run can possibly save people from being laid off. Because of this, the savvy business professional is constantly searching for ways to reduce overhead. A small way that is often overlooked is to use a cheap conference call system during your next telephone meeting.

Technology today has come a long way in providing the services you want at a fraction of the cost over even a few years ago, When conference calls began, the technology was so new, very few but the Fortune 500 companies could afford the service. Today, with the advent of the cheap conference call, every business, from the small start up web page designer to the Ford Motor Company can easily have a teleconferencing meeting.

Looking at the Total Cost

Of course, the main thing to consider when choosing to use a cheap conference call provider is the overall cost of the conference itself. One of the constant costs that are not controlled by the provider is the cost of the local or long distance provider to carry the phone signal to the centralized location.

This cost can vary from the different providers such as MCI, AT&T or even Sprint. It's best to talk to your telephone representative to get a cost estimate for this portion of your cheap conference call.

Once you have determined the cost of calling into the conference call, the next step is to find the most cost effective provider for your cheap conference call. Most providers will charge a set fee per port that is involved in the conference.

In other words, for each phone line that is being routed across the bridge, a small fee is charged, usually per minute. These fees can range in amount between free and $0.07 per minute. The cheap conference call usually ranges between free and $0.01 per port per minute.

Indeed, there are some cheap conference call providers out there who do not in fact charge for each incoming port to be routed across the bridge. These providers usually work through the Internet, so depending on your internet service, additional charges for using the internet super highway might be applicable.

Additionally, with this type of cheap conference call providers there is usually a limit to the number of ports that can participate. Limits can range from as little as 25 up to 100.

So be sure to consider the total cost of using a cheap conference call provider for your next meeting. With today's technology, it just might be the most cost effective way to go for your next meeting.





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