How to Spot a Bad Conference Call Company

More and more often today, the business professional has to be careful. Choosing the right provider of services, be they the right catering service for your next meeting, the cleaning crew for your office, or the best conference call company is becoming more and more demanding. Below are a few pointers on how to spot a conference call company where signing a contract would not be a good idea

Customer Service

Not surprisingly, with how automated everything is today, goal number one should be to access good customer service. Having the ability to talk either through an Internet chat room or over the phone with a technical assistant should be an essential part of the package for any conference call company.

If you're left high and dry with too many unanswered questions, it's probably a good idea to look for another provider. In addition, the customer service representative should be professional and courteous at all times; remember, you are the client, and should be treated as such.

The Contract

Another characteristic of a bad conference call company is that they often do not provide a written contract for their services. A legitimate conference call company will provide either through email or a delivered hard copy a complete outline of the services they offer as well as your responsibilities as the consumer using their services.

A less than stellar conference call company will often assure you that everything is fine, or give you a woefully incomplete contract. So be sure to read the entire document, including the fine print.

Talk to Others

If you've been in your chosen profession for a while, you most likely will have contacts in the industry that have used a conference call company before. Ask them their opinion of a firm that you are considering.

Perhaps their experience can offer insight into what type of provider you are considering. If there experience tales are less than reassuring, perhaps looking in another direction for your conference call company might be a good idea.

Better Business Bureau

When it comes to a conference call company, those who complain will most often complain to an agency such as the Better Business Bureau or BBB. This agency is well known for providing information about the services, complaints, and compliments for just about every type of company that you can imagine.

So before you choose your conference call company, be sure to do a little research and see if there are any outstanding complaints concerning their services.




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