Enhancing Your Meeting: Conference Call Services

Conference calling has developed into a great tool for businesses, and the wide array of conference call services provided by the many companies offering conference calling can make your conference call a success. Some of the many conference call services available are discussed below, so shop around for a service that meets your needs, as there is a large variety of services and prices available.

Toll Free Calling

The host of the conference pays for the conferencing service, but each person calling in to the conference will pay any toll charges from their phone service. Depending on your needs, you can arrange to have a toll free line for your conference call in, making the call free to the participants.

Automated Calling

Simple conference calls can be totally automated, allowing calls to be set up at any time and conducted without advance reservations or notice to the conference call company. These are typically the least expensive option, and can be very useful if your calls are fairly uncomplicated.


Live operators are available for larger or more complex calls. A live operator can answer each caller and handle the connection process, can handle screening of callers, can be available throughout your call to assist with technical issues, and can field questions and answers `during the conference call.


Another one of the many conference call services available is recording and playback of your conference call. Whether you need a record for business purposes of the discussion and decisions made during a meeting, or you are looking for a high quality recording of a presentation made on a conference call for later playback or sale, your conference call services company can handle all aspects of the recording and editing of the call.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing allows you to hold a conference online. Online, your audio presentation can include visual aids in PowerPoint, Word or Excel. Web conference call services also can include online Q&A. Your conference audience can send questions to the presenters to be answered on air.

Conference call services are provided by most telephone companies, but you can often find better prices from companies specializing in audio or web conferencing. Many of these companies offer discounts for purchase of bulk conferencing minutes.

Before you take advantage of these offers, be sure that the company you choose can handle not only your immediate conference call needs, but also any expanded needs you may have in the near future.




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