VOIP Conference Calling Software

VOIP Conference Calling Software

There has been a quantum leap in conference calling software and telecommunications will never be the same with the advent of VOIP (voice over Internet provider) conference software which allows companies using this software to stay ahead in the conference calling software race.

Entrepreneurs now have the benefits of unlimited long distance calling, low priced software, three-way-calling as well as free live support when they use VOIP conference calling software. For users who conference long distances, VOIP is an ideal conference calling software that allows them to talk to others at no cost through computer to computer communication.

VOIP conference calling software is whole new and revolutionized software that works over a broadband Internet connection and the only hardware that is required is a VOIP router that is provided by the service provider.

With the steadily growing usage of voice over services and the decline in fixed voice communication, the next ten years shall see more and more users shifting to VOIP and in fact, VOIP subscriptions in the US will rise from 5.5 million in the beginning of 2006 to about 23.7 million in 2010 with revenues rising from US$2.6 billion to US$8.1 for the corresponding period.

Brekeke Software Inc., one of the frontrunners in the voice and data communications field, has come up with new software that has enhanced software features such as advanced conference call functions and improved web-based administrative tools. Users of this software can hold conference calls immediately and only need to specify the conference room number and the attendees’ numbers simultaneously.

With the ever-growing need to have all the participants to a conference call present at the same time, a conference calling software is required that will enable the computer to work in conjunction with the phone to broadcast conference calls using various different medium. One conference calling software that is recommended is FlashTalk which is ideally suited for connecting direct selling teams together. It is also used for online recruiting, online training and to simulcast your in-person seminars.

Another conference calling software that can be bought at low cost in the market is Global Dialing Assistant which ships at US$29 and has a very useful feature called Animated World Time Clock which displays where it is day and where it is night anywhere in the world. In addition, it provides information for over 1,600 cities worldwide about dialing access codes, current date and time as well as high, medium and low cost calling periods.





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