Finding a Reliable and Cost-Effective Conference Calling Solution

With the increasing use of Internet teleconferencing, the availability of a cheap and effective conference calling solution has become of paramount importance because of the possibility of connecting people from across continents at the touch of a computer key.

Ease of use and cheap costs are the primary concerns facing those involved in deciding how to connect people and offices from all over the world. Locating a service provider who will give inexpensive corporate conferencing facilities may become a major part of anybody trying to locate a reliable source.

What is a Conference Call?

A conference call is a telephone call that enables one person to call another and have more than one other person listen in to the audio portion of the call. When the person called is able to talk back and respond to the caller it is referred to as an Audio Teleconference or ATC for short.

There is also the facility to have the called party added to the call, while in other cases other people may make calls to the conference call. In addition, three way calls are also possible (though they may cost extra) whereby clients may add a second outgoing call to the number already connected. All these facilities are required of the service provider to enable the customer receive a complete and economic conference calling solution.

There are many service providers giving conference calling solutions which allows the customer to schedule, initiate and have conference calls at any time and at any place either over the phone or via the Web. Most service providers are forced, due to the varied needs of customers, to provide a comprehensive suite of services that will meet every demand of the customer.

Given the fact that setting up the infrastructure in-house may be too expensive for most users it thus becomes necessary to pay for services to those who are in the business of providing complete conference calling solutions.

With the rapid advances in teleconferencing technology, service providers need to be on their toes to keep pace with the growing challenges of newer and improved technologies. Some of the services that a good service provider supplies to the customer are business calls, personal calls, web based calls, web conference calls, SMS calls, dial calls, dial conference calls, desktop calls and email calls to name but a few that are available in the market today.

The need to stay connected to people located anywhere in the world requires a corporate calling facility which enables employees connect with their colleagues no matte where they are located. This is one type of conference calling solution which enables the corporate conference caller to connect via mobile phone, PDA or from any other phone.

In addition, the use of firewall protection should ensure that the customer is protected at a higher level. Furthermore, the conference calling solution empowers companies to avail the power of rich media, thereby improving performance. One important benefit of a good conference calling solution is the cost-effectiveness of the solution which means that the client does not have to pay the traditional cost per minute charges because of less network integration, efficient system management and low administrative costs.




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