Save Your Business Money with a Corporate Conference Call Plan

Corporations all over the world use conference calls to monitor how their business is doing. A sales manager will schedule a conference call with a sales team. They’ll report numbers and describe how they came to those numbers.

An executive will conference with other managers to see how they are managing their portion of the company. The corporate conference call is the best way to keep abreast of how your company is doing.

The corporate conference call is better than other mediums at linking various offices together. The other options include e-mail, snail mail, or the constant traveling of officers specifically assigned to monitor the various offices of that particular company.


E-mail is so impersonal that there is no guarantee that a person will get an e-mail. Not only that but there’s not really any assurance that, even if a person gets the e-mail, the person will follow the instructions in the e-mail they supposedly read.

With a corporate conference call, everyone involved can converse with each other in real time. It’s almost as good as having everyone in the same room. The only difference is that you can’t reach out and touch someone and as some corporate conference call sessions can get pretty heated so this is probably a good thing!

Snail Mail

Snail mail takes too much time. By the time a letter or memo reaches a particular salesperson or executive, the information could be outdated or obsolete. With a conference call, everyone can hear the information as it is spoken, right then and there. It would only be due to the error of the speaker if the information spoken was outdated or obsolete.

Costly Travel

If an executive were to travel from office to office to inform, motivate or collect reports, it would be far too expensive to be worthwhile. In addition, the time of the meetings wouldn’t warrant travel at all.

Corporate conference call sessions sometimes last only a half hour to an hour. Think if someone traveled from country to country to spend a half hour or an hour with each team. After two or three countries, that person would be exhausted and the cost would be outrageous. With a corporate conference call, teams can meet and get back to business immediately. There is no travel involved and the costs are kept way down.

The corporate conference call is a staple of modern business. It is the best way to inform, motivate and keep abreast of how the business is doing. The key is to find a free or cheap conference calling plan so that you can continue to keep costs down. That way, money can be spent on more important things, like year end bonuses for all the employees.




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