A Discount Conference Calling Provider

Discount Conference Call is a telecommunications-based company whose primary focus is that of discount conference calling services. This discount conference calling provider offers a wide variety of features, which includes such things as: passwords, music and chat modes, roll call, late arrivals, digital recording, question queuing, sub-conferences, super secure, real-time call statistics, budget tone, transcription, and muting control.

Features Available

The passwords feature allows for the chairperson, active participants, as well as ‘listen only’ participants to be available via passwords. The music and chat modes allow early arrivals to either listen to music or chat with each other until the chairperson begins the call.

The roll call feature is one which will announce to the chairperson who is present for the call. Late arrivals are a feature which can either allow or deny those who are late for the call. Digital recording is available for use for later playback or transcription. The question queuing feature allows listen only participants the ability to ask a question so that the chairperson and active participants may discuss/answer the question.

The sub-conferences feature allows the chairperson to establish ‘mini-conferences’, then, visit any or all of the ‘mini-conferences’ and then re-establish the call. The super secure feature allows for access blocking of the operators from monitoring the call, and also provides security for sensitive call content.

Real-time call statistics allows for the chairperson to have real-time access to call statistics such as number of callers, number of minutes, as well as a running total cost of the call. The budget tone feature is used to alert the chairperson when the estimated call duration has been reached. The transcription feature is used to transcribe recorded calls to hard copy, and the muting control feature allows for full muting control of all or selected participant groups.

Discount Conference Call is one of the leading discount conference calling providers today, partly in effect to their obvious accomplishments in both customer service and variety the services and products they offer.

This discount conference calling provider utilizes fully digital, state of the art, conference bridging equipment, and they claim that their discount conference calling rates are 50% less than most companies, and almost 70% less than AT&T. They have 15 years in the voice processing industry, and their equipment handles over 1,000,000 calls every day. Also, they utilize an indefinite power back-up which means that no weather related conditions will keep your call from taking place smoothly and that there will never be loss of service, and no loss of connectivity.


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