Saving Money through Discounted Conference Calling Plans

There are a number of ways to save money through discounted conference calling plans that are available on the market today. Conference calling allows a person to be anywhere at anytime and so there are many service providers who will offer discounted conference calling plans.

One plan gives the customer 250 minutes of free conference calls when he or she buys 120 minutes of any of their various plans. Volume discounts set monthly subscription rates at anywhere from a starting price of $100 per month for 1,000 minutes usage each month at 10 cents per minute to as high as $40,000 per month for 1 million minutes per month at 4 cents per minute. So there are packages that suit every need and pocket.

The concept of discounted conference calling is relatively new in the telecommunications market and is yet to take off completely, as there is much scope for expansion and improvement. A company giving discounted conference calling may be charging 21 cents per minute per person but will give a 10% discount if the payment of the invoice is made within 10 days which will then cost the customer only 18.9 cents per minute per person.

This is the daytime rate while nighttime conference calling rates are slightly lower at 17 cents per minute per person and on timely payment of bills within 10 days, the call will then only cost 15.3 cents per minute per person. In addition, some service providers will charge just 12 cents per minute per person for family conference calls and is only applicable to calls made on Sundays.

Charging low rates is one way that service providers have of getting voluminous business and this is made possible by minimizing the possibilities of incurring bad debts and for this they have become very choosy about whom they serve. They are sure to conduct credit checks on their customers and only those who meet their acceptance criteria will be given discounted conference calling services.

Rates generally start at 2.5 cents per minute and go up to 3.89 cents per minute depending on the service provided. Some discount schemes may take the form of giving early subscribers a facility of being awarded 25 free interstate minutes every month for the first 4 months of service. This is just one instance of a particular discounted conference calling scheme offered by service providers to increase subscriptions.

A Word of Caution

It may not always be easy to find discounted conference calling plans and it may not always be possible to save on your phone bills for there are any numbers of gimmicks, hidden charges as well as surcharges that fog the horizon and conceal the truth behind clever advertising.

Another discounted conference calling plan is purchasing of discount calling cards and it is useful to a number of people like vacation or business travelers, flight crews, international travelers and anybody else who makes calls while on the road.

All that is required is to first study the advantages and disadvantages of all the various discounted conference calling plans and then choose the one that does not have all those hidden costs and surcharges and which will provide best value for money.




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