Secret Weapon to Increase Your Mailing List: Free Conference Call

Businesses continually strive to tap in to their target market more and more. A few businesses have discovered a secret weapon in this quest: the free conference call. A relatively small investment now can have a large return on investment.

Win-Win Marketing

Consumers love free stuff, and they love useful stuff. The free conference call plays into both these loves, and guarantees a rich mailing list left for the sponsoring business if the free conference call is well designed. As a bonus, the customer gets something useful for their time, and even if they never buy a product, the goodwill toward the sponsoring company is nearly as valuable as the sale itself. Just remembering the name of the company is often enough.

Businesses as diverse as MLM marketers, a public relations company, and a national office supply chain offer content-rich, free conference call seminars to the public. Each seminar requires a registration in order to receive a pin number that allows the caller access to the free conference call. In order to receive the pin number, of course, an email address must be provided.

The great thing about this technique is that carefully chosen topics for the free conference call ensure that the majority of persons who sign up have a real, immediate interest in the product or service offered by the sponsoring company. The MLM marketer, for example, provides seminars on finding free targeted traffic and writing effective emails.

The public relations company, which specializes in book promotions, offers seminars in public relations strategies, how to get booked on radio and TV, and how to write a press bio. The office supply chain caters to small business owners, and offers seminars on marketing, human relations, accounting and business planning.

All of these topics are specific that the majority of people signing up for the seminars will be people who are currently active in the business for which the sponsor sells services and products, making the resulting mailing list highly targeted to potential customers.

A good sales strategy doesn’t have to be all about your product. Building a strong relationship between your business and potential customers now will have payoffs down the road. What better way to do that than to position yourself as a helpful and informative resource? You’ll be paid back in trust and referrals, and eventually, a good strong sales record.


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