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International conference calling is now possible as there are a host of service providers that facilitate this service to subscribers who can get connected from any place in the world. The service provider will give you cheap rates for international conference calling because not only does he want your business but also because this way you can reduce your telephone costs by as much as 90 percent.

This has led to an increasing number of subscribers switching from the more expensive traditional telephone usage to conference calling. International conference calling helps reduce billings compared to those charged by local phone companies and besides economizing, conference calling also provides a number of other advantages.

To get more information about international conference calling, check out a service provider called Some of the advantages that its international conference calling program, called Conference Caller, gave to end users included Reservation-less calling, global calling, quality of service through use of latest digital and routing equipment, multiple options on how to connect to a conference and a host of others that would fit individual needs.

Some other features offered by Conference Caller included rechargeable accounts that are free of cost as well as no monthly bills. In addition, Conference Caller is prepaid so canceling an account is no problem as you can opt out at any time and simply use the remaining balance in the account.

Conference caller also reduces costs by over 90% as compared with traditional phone bills and also does not charge for activation, has no hidden costs, no cancellation costs, has guaranteed rates, which means that only one rate is applicable and finally, is cheaper than AT&T, International VoIP, Sprint and collect calls.

Its Web Dial Out service gives welcome relief to international callers by letting anyone call a participant regardless of which country they are located in. After logging in, it enables up to 50 global participants to conduct international conference calling. For US participants the cost of adding a new participant is a meager 2.9 cents per minute.

International conference calling is also possible for subscribers to Conference Caller from hotels and to enable other people to dial into your conference all you need is to provide them with your country access number. All they then need to do to enter into your conference is to dial the access number of your location, enter the conference code when asked to do so and they will then be added to the conference.

In case your balance begins to fall, meaning there are not enough funds in your account, Conference Caller will prompt you with a message to let you know how many minutes remain to your credit and since you cannot recharge during a conference call, you will need to do so when not connected.

Conference Caller is a cheap and useful service provider that makes your international conference calling experience smooth and seamless and it is also easy to open an account and begin operating within a short period of time.




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