Internet Conference Call: The New Face of Conference Calling

The Internet conference call has become a popular way for people to get together despite being worlds apart. With the advancement of computers and other technologies, more people than ever are using the Internet as a way to conduct their conference calls. The Internet makes it possible to add such aspects as video and file sharing to the older form of conference call.

Many Internet companies offer free Internet conference call plans. This allows a company to keep in contact with satellite offices that may be states, countries or continents apart. With the Internet conference call, people can get together as long as they have a computer and Internet connection.

New Ways to Share Information

The Internet conference call brings new ways to share information among coworkers. For example, during an Internet conference call, a sales manager could show an entire presentation to a sales team. This could include a video of sales techniques, it could be a chart showing growth or decline or it could merely be a sound byte from the president of the company. The possibilities are endless.

Internet Party Lines

The Internet conference call isn’t only used for business, however. The Internet is being used for social purposes as well as people all over the world are now meeting others in different cities, states and countries through the use of the Internet conference call. These party Internet lines are used by many to make friends. People with an Internet connection can meet others with similar interests and not have to worry about distance or proximity.

New Worries

Of course, Internet conference calling brings about some issues that weren’t possible with the previous use of the phone in conducting such calls. For example, some parents worry that their children will be subjected to certain things they don’t want them exposed to.

The Internet conference call makes it possible for people to send pornographic or undesirable images and videos to each other. This is something that they didn’t have to worry about with phone party lines.

Businesses, too, have to worry about hackers getting access to trade secrets or sales numbers. The Internet conference call brings about security issues that weren’t even considered with phone conference calling.

The Internet conference call is a great way for businesses as well as like-minded people to connect and get together. There are advantages and disadvantages to this new medium. Internet conference calling brings many more possibilities of information sharing than other counterparts and it is often more cost-efficient.


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