The Web and Internet Conference Calling

An interesting feature of Internet conference calling is how web-enabled conferencing adds the power and punch of the Internet, turning the conference call into a combined web and audio experience that enhances the impact to a conference and adds flair.

With the click of a mouse button, the customer gains complete control of the conference. Internet conference calling allows the user to conduct, arrange, lead and be in charge of the audio conference straight from their computers.

Different Features that Enhance Internet Conference Calling

There are a number of features that enhance the Internet conference calling experience and these include data conferencing, streaming, online scheduling and notification, phone and Web participation list, polling, viewing questions, post conference reporting and keeping their own phonebooks.

All these feature rich aspects help enhance and sort out all the various requirements that Internet conference calling requires. Web presentations may cost as little as 25 cents per participation per minute and an additional charge of US$10 may be levied for uploading per presentation. As for streaming and live or archived conference calls, the charges are the same at 25 cents per minute per participation and slides are not an additional charge.

Through access to the Internet it is possible to manage conferences using Internet conference calling packages that control different aspects of the conference instantaneously, thus providing increased efficiency and a fruitful and pleasing conferencing experience.

These features might be adjusting caller volumes, muting and un-muting callers, removing callers from a conference and adding attendees to the conference. All this can easily be done through Internet conference calling and so the user gets added value from the conference experience.

An interesting Internet conference calling software can have a subscriber manage his or her conference via the Internet Enhanced Conference System (IECS), allowing the subscriber to view the conference table online with a chair icon symbolizing each attendee and a label or number below each chair showing the name and contact number of the attendee.

And, when an attendee is speaking a microphone icon will appear whenever that person is speaking. In other words, the Internet conference calling experience is a close resemblance to an actual conference with attendees being physically present in the conference room.

Conference calling has come a long way from its inception and now it is not all about voice communication because companies want remotely attended conference meetings and this has become possible through Internet conference calling. Data conferencing is possible through Internet conference calling and is different to video and audio conferencing in so far as it allows sharing and control of data using the computer instead of a phone.





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