A Dedicated Conference Room Is Needed For Online Conference Calling

Where to Hold an Online Conference Call

Online conference calling has become possible when you conference online from a conference room that has been set up to suit either the needs of a single person or multinationals having hundreds and thousands of users.

Finding an online conference calling service provider may seem daunting, but finding the right service provider may not prove to be such a difficult task as there are so many players in this sphere.

Online conference calling should be both private and secure and ought to have recording facilities with the ability to play back recorded conversations at a later time. Once a dedicated service room has been set up it is possible to record a welcome announcement that will be heard by all participants as and when they enter the conference.

A welcome announcement helps create a friendly atmosphere within the conference room as well as impart confidence in the participant’s mind that they are indeed in the right place. Once you select a six digit number or accept the random room number you are well on your way to holding an online conference calling conversation which is dedicated to your sole use.

Online conference calling enables you to have as many as 100 participants involved in a conference call at any time of the day or night without any need for booking anything in advance. By selecting a four digit security code and combining it with the six digit number it will help ensure that all access to your dedicated conference room remains secure. This security features give you control over who has entered the conference room or left and at what time such an event has occurred.

Internet phone conferencing is the latest in conference calling and by using a simple internet phone connection, Internet phone conferencing becomes an easy task. One special feature of online conference calling is that it allows web presentations to be made online and is now becoming increasingly popular. This is a viable alternative to the traditional method of having in person presentations and statistics show that online web presentations have grown worldwide at 21 percent.

Skype, a leading player in communication software has now entered the online conference calling arena by collaborating with another company called Vapps, which is the global infrastructure supplier of VoIP conference calling solutions. This tie up will allow Skype’s 100 million strong registered users to get free online conference calling services for up to 500 participants with the added bonus that users of Skype will not have to pay anything for using this conference calling service.


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