Toll Free Conference Calling

There is plenty to choose from when searching for a toll free conference calling plan and this has led to increased sales productivity as well as lesser traveling expenditure for companies.

A personal toll free number (sometimes called an 800 number) is a type of service through which the person receiving the call pays the call charges and not the caller. This is especially useful for children, family and friends to call home without having to pay any charges and is a viable alternative to calling cards and pay phones.

Some useful toll free conference calling plans have the facility to receive calls on cellular phones, fax machines or a dorm phone for as little as 3.9 cents per minute. There are separate plans for home users, companies and travelers.

The toll free conference calling plan chosen should be one that fits your needs since toll free conference calling providers can now, because of reduced overheads, provide more cost effective plans. It makes sense to check out the different features that each service provider is offering before settling on the one that has the best solution.

There is certainly a lot of money saved on long distance calls and applying for a toll free number does not mean that it is an application for a new number but is in fact, a forwarding service to your existing phone number which is known as “ring to number”.

According to federal regulation, in case your local phone company is not capable of (though some do, most may not) carrying interlata traffic you may be forced to avail of the services of long distance carriers (ICX).

This means that when a person dials a toll free number it is first routed to the local company who routes it to a national database to match up the number to the right ICX who in turn will send it to the local phone company and only then is the call rung to your number. This is how toll free conference calling takes effect.

Types of Toll Free Conference Calling Plans

There are alternative toll free conference calling plans such as stand alone and follow me services which can suit individual needs. Stand alone service allows the user to connect their phone behind PBX equipment while follow me service is useful to those who are constantly on the move. This facility allows you to change your “ring to number” at any time by simply logging on to your account and changing your preferences. This is a very useful and convenient alternative and is especially suited for travelers and salespersons though the call charges may be slightly higher at 6.9 cents per minute.

There is also a provision to route your calls to internationals destinations so that your foreign colleagues and friends may contact you as if they were local callers. These then are some of the readily available toll free conference calling plans that one can avail of without having to pay too much.





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